Better Cow Health

A healthy cow is a lower cost animal in your herd. A healthy cow produces more milk and is ready to conceive your next generation earlier than a weak animal.  Not only that, she saves you spending on other than prophylactic medicines. It is therefore important to purchase the healthiest animals possible. But how can you tell? Most animal sales in India are through the unorganized sector. You cannot be sure of vaccination programs, farm hygiene and other critical factors. That’s why elite farmers choose to buy from Prime Bovine Genetics.

Not only can you be confident that Prime Bovine Genetics uses the most stringent processes to procure calves, but that from the moment they arrive at our quarantine unit, they receive the best possible care, of international standards.

Strict screening of animals at the time of purchase, followed with effective quarantine and vaccination helps in better animal health. This is followed by robust growth programme for these animals with proper nutrition and then timely inseminations to help attain ideal age of first calving, making that pregnancy and calving healthier for the cow and your budget.


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Prime Bovine Genetics works with semen from highest quality bulls selected internationally for their genetic traits. These bulls cross well with Indian cows to give you a strong replacement herd of greater size and milking potential.


Improve Your Herd

Sourcing your livestock from Prime Bovine Genetics gives you an immediate competitive advantage over buying from multiple sources. This is achieved by reducing risk reducing risk and improving your opportunity for greater profitability greater profitability. Prime Bovine Genetics improves your herd by offering you scientifically reared and grown animals, bred with the best of international genetics, including sex selected semen.


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