Prime Bovine Genetics is India’s first organised seller servicing the needs of the premium dairy sector.  Prime Bovine Genetics is India's sole distributor of sexed semen from Sexing Technologies, USA. Together, Sexing Technologies and Prime Bovine Genetics can help you develop your optimum herd of bigger, stronger healthier animals from premium US bulls with the guarantee of 95% female calves. Farmers, then have the choice of greater income from extra milk production or from the sale of livestock or both.

Using sexed semen from Prime Bovine Genetics can be a game changer for every dairy farm's financial health...


Sexed Semen

Sexed semen is a reality for many cattle breeders in India. The early research on Sexed semen technology was done by USDA in early 1990's and the first sex-selected calf using frozen sexed semen and AI was born in 1999. 

In 2004 this process became commercially available through Sexing Technologies, partner of Prime Bovine Genetics. 

Sexed Semen is sex selected semen carrying X or Y chromosome. Semen is sorted to remove “Y” chromosomes through a special technology developed by Sexing Technologies, USA...







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Prime Bovine Genetics works with semen from highest quality bulls selected internationally for their genetic traits. These bulls cross well with Indian cows to give you a strong replacement herd of greater size and milking potential.


Improve Your Herd

Sourcing your livestock from Prime Bovine Genetics gives you an immediate competitive advantage over buying from multiple sources. This is achieved by reducing risk reducing risk and improving your opportunity for greater profitability greater profitability. Prime Bovine Genetics improves your herd by offering you scientifically reared and grown animals, bred with the best of international genetics, including sex selected semen.


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